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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

TESCA consultants have aquired a vast amount of experience in the world of Aerospace Engineering. This experience has come from years of employment within large aerospace companies such as BAE Systems.

Consultants have worked on a wide range of different projects and aircraft including the  Boeing 777, 747 and the BAE Concorde amongst many others.

A number of our consultants have undertaken design projects for the Space Shuttle together with work for the International Space Station.

Our consultants have worked on various different military aircraft, including the BAE Hawk and Eurofighter, Tornado, Boeing Apache and Chinook. 

We have worked on the restoration of historical military aircraft GSE for public display uses.

TESCA's expertise and experience lies in ground support and ancillary servicing equipment. The Tesca Consultancy team also specialises in the field of hydraulics and Cryogenic gases

Our electrical and electronic engineering consultants have been employed by a number of very successful international organisations. 

They have become recognised as industry experts within their field. Specialising in the control systems of high voltage switchgear design, low voltage circuit design, testing and production. 

We are specialists in the field of instrumentation and transducer design, calibration and manufacture.

Mechanical Engineering

Oil and Natural Gas

With decades of experience designing, developing and producing products for customers across all engineering sectors, TESCA consultants are very experienced at working with leading edge engineering projects.

We have the experience and knowledge to create a product that meets both design requirements and the customers expectations. 

This ranges from the design of one-off parts to organising the manufacture and production of a complete new product line.

Together our consultants have accumilated the knowledge to apply to the mechanical side of any project, with an up-to-date understanding of all the latest CE directives and BSI and ISO Standards.

The consultancy includes some world leading specialists with expert knowledge in the fields of oil and natural gas extraction and sampling.

One of our consultants is the world authority on Tomographic Flow and has a huge knowledge base on pipeline sampling. He has been activley involved in all aspects of tomographic flow from cutting edge research through to prototype design and manufacture.  

Another of our consultants is one of the world's leading expert in transportable gas cylinders, manufacture, use and testing with over 30 years experience.

TESCA consultants have worked on oil rigs and sub-mersibles to check for signs of wear and damage to the platforms and piplines.

Although we are experts in these industries we believe that our transferable skills can be used in nearly every type of industry. 

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